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Silver Snake Sessions


Production is the process of turning your core tracks into a fully blossomed song  by extending your musical thoughts, capitalizing on your creativity, and fully executing your ideas for maximum impact.  Finding just the right instruments and musicians... distilling just the right textures from the unique blend of voices and parts that make up your music is the touch that turns "pretty" into professional.  SSS has contact with many of the finest musicians available in the Pacific Northwest; and even artists around the world!


If you've recorded tracks at home, but your mixes just don't hit hard or sweep you of your feet, great production may be the magic that's missing.  Send me a link to your work, and we'll start decorating!



Russ Pennavaria - All My TomorrowsRuss Pennavaria
00:00 / 05:45

All My Tomorrows -- Russ Pennavaria

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Silver Snake Sessions

Produced by Silver Snake Sessions

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